Hephaestion Amyntoros




Comparative ages of Alexander’s associates based on The Marshals of Alexander’s Empire by Waldemar Heckel




Name, Possible age in comparison to Alexander’s birth date, Father , Possible pupil at Mieza (at least for a time)


Philip II, +26, Amyntas II,

Olympias, +19, Neoptolemus,

Cleopatra, -2, Philip II,

Alexander I, +7, Neoptolemus, *

Amyntas, +6, Perdiccas II, *

Attalus, +34, ?,

Antipater, +44, Iolaus,

Parmenion, +42, Philotas,

Polemon, -6, Andromenes,

Cassander, -2, Antipater, *

Hephaestion, +0, Amyntor, *

Alcetas, +0, Orontes, *

Attalus, +0, Andromenes, *

Peucestas, +2, Alexander, *

Leonnatus, +2, Anteas, *

Perdiccas, +2, Orontes, *

Simmias, +4, Andromenes, *

Ptolemy, +5, Lagos, *

Nearchus, +5, Androtimus, *

Philotas, +6, Parmenion, *

Meleager, +6, Neoptolemus, *

Amyntas, +9, Andromenes,

Harpalus, +10, Machatas,

Coenus, +11, Polemocrates,

Craterus, +15, Alexander,

Cleitus the white, +15,  

Laomedon, +15, Larichus,

Cleitus, +20, Dropides,

Lanike, +19, Dropides,

Erigyius, +25, Larichus,

Antigonus, +26, Philip,

Polyperchon, +30, Simmias,


Bodyguards at 336,  

Ptolemy,  Killed at Halicarnassus, replaced by Hephaestion,

Balakros, +30, Nicanor, appointed satrap of Cilicia in 332 BC, replaced by Menes,

Arybbas,  Died of illness in Egypt 332/1, replaced by Leonnatus, Kinsman of Olympias?

Demetrius,  Demoted after Philotas plot, replaced by Ptolemy son of Lagos,


Appointed by Alexander,  

Hephaestion, Leonnatus, Perdiccas, Ptolemy,  

Menes of Pella,  Dionysus. Replaced by Perdiccas,

Peucestas of Mieza, 8th bodyguard appointed in Mallia after saving Alexander’s life, +2, Alexander. Had a younger brother Amyntas bodyguard to Philip Arrhidaus, *

Lysimachus of Pella, possibly Thessalian, +15?, Agathocles,

Aristonus of Pella, +10?, Peisaius. Removed Alexander’s sword in Cleitus quarrel,

Peithon +10?, Craterus,


Bodyguards of Philip Arrhidaeus,  

Autodicus,  Agathocles. Brother of Lysimachus,

Amyntas,  Alexander. Brother of Peucestas,

Alexander,  Polyperchon,

Ptolemy,  Ptolemy,



Ptolemy,  Seleucus,


Bodyguards of Alexander IV,  



Ptolemy,  Seleucus,


Known Pages of Alexander,  

Anticles,  Theocritus,

Antipater,  Asclepiodorus,



Charicles,  Menandrus,


Epimenes,  Arsaius,

Eurylochus,  Arsaius,


Gorgatas,  Taken from Olympias’s court to Alexander against her wishes,



Hermolaus,  Sopolis,

Iolaus,  Antipater,

Metron,  Epicharmus,

Philip,  Antipater,

Philotas,  Caris,

Sostratus,  Amyntas,


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Thank you for sharing the result and your opinion of your profound research on Alexander and the people who surrounded him. It was most intriguing and useful. I enjoyed reading each chapter very much.

And thank you for fixing the chapter 8 :)
Thank you! I am sure I have made any number of mistakes and incorrect assumptions - as well as missing out loads of things!